• What are the electrical requirements for an Aries Spa?
  • Do I need to install a GFCI breaker for my spa?
  • Does my spa need to sit on a concrete pad?
  • What is a subframe?
  • How many gallons of water does my spa hold?
  • I have an ozonator but sometimes add bromine. Why does my bromine test strip always show that I have no bromine in my water?
  • How do I clean my filter?
  • How often should I drain my spa?
  • How do I keep my spa's acrylic finish looking beautiful?

I wanted to commend you for the level of service you gave us on our Spa. Your technician was able to show me the amp usage of our Spa when he came to our home and I am satisfied that your Spa uses no more electricity than your company slated when we purchased the Spa. More than the level of service you provided. I appreciate your willingness to stand behind your product a year after we purchased the Spa. We are enjoying our Spa more this year than last!

Steve & Karan Baxter - Rockwall, TX

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